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Driving School Dekker – The oldest Driving School in The Netherlands

In the Netherlands we have special rules and laws for passing your driving test, keeping your driving license or changing  a foreign license into a Dutch one. Dekker is specialized in guiding foreigners towards the driving test. We have English speaking instructors and we can also help you to pass your theory exam (classical or individual).

Once you’re here in Holland your foreign driving license is valid for six months. After that period (the period from the moment that you are registered here until six months later) you need to have a Dutch license. Depending on the country you’re from some licenses can be changed into the Dutch one or you will  have to pass the Dutch driving test (theory as well as practical).

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Dutch driving license without exams

For the following countries it is possible to change the licenses into Dutch ones without doing a test at all;

  • Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus (only the Greek part), Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy,  Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Rumania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Czech Republic, United kingdom

Members of the European Free Commerce Association

  • Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland

Countries not beloning to the EVA or EU

Herewith a list of countries not belonging to the EVA or the EU with the possibility of changing your license into a Dutch one without doing exams and also its validity;

Country Class Car / Bike License category
Andorra Car Dutch license category B
Aruba All categories
Canadian province Alberta and province Québec Class 5 Dutch license category B
Israël B Car Dutch license category B
Japan 1B Car and bike more than 400cc Dutch license category A and B
Jersey All categories
Man All categories
Monaco All categories
Singapore Class 2 Motorbike with more than 400 cm3 en Class 3 – car Dutch categories A and B
Taiwan B car Dutch license category B
Voormalige Nederlandse Antillen All categories
South Korea second class ordinary licence Dutch license category B

In all situations one can imagine that “safety first” must be leading in your decision whether to participate in the Dutch traffic without being prepared at all or by just taking some lessons to feel comfortable on the Dutch roads.

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Why Dekker Driving School?

If you or your partner need a Dutch license and you have to pass the Dutch driving test, Dekker is the driving school for you. We are the oldest driving school in The Netherlands with extensive experience, as you can imagine. Also we have guarantees and a very high customer satisfaction rate. We also do have special discounts on our packages so we’re financially the best choice too. Let yourself be informed in one of our free intakes. We’ll give you the best advice and solutions to be well prepared for the Dutch driving test. Dial +31 (0)40-444 44 44 or mail us at info@rijschooldekker.nl.

Hope to see you soon in our driving school.


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